Morning Page – MAR 25, 2019

Oh man, it’s finally happening! My soul is coming back! It’s been years since I’ve seen her! I’m so excited guys, I can see  and I’m learning to walk again. I’ve been crawling for what seems like a gosh darn eternity and finally, the weight’s gone, I feel lighter, and I’m on my own two feet again! I’m a wee stumbly little fawn but I’m getting there.

I have so so so much work to do but through a lot of frustration and tears I’ve found the eye of the storm where everything is calm as the world spins in turmoil around me. This is tranquility — but I’m not just gonna sit here and pick my behind, I have work to do, and FINALLY I’m enjoying it again. I just needed to freshen up, get rid of everything that was making me sad, eat healthy and exercise and what’d ya know, suddenly I can breathe and my energy is coming back to me. I’M SON GOKU!

Anyways I’m gonna start writing these more often… also they’re gonna be Patron-only soon, as incentive for me to write them… eyes emoji. Don’t worry, it’ll just be a dollar to hear me blather throughout the month.

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