Hey there, thank you so much for checking this out! I’m finally in a place where this feels less daunting to undertake, so let’s get started!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: My real name is Summer, but you can call me Falvie or Ganyiao or even fart-face if that makes you comfortable. I am pretty silly, a big laugh-haver, can be confidently awkward & loooove helping folks. It gives my life a purpose to add more good energy to the world!

420 Disclaimer: I am very weed-friendly, so if toking would help you feel more relaxed, go for it. I might join you if you ask nicely. ;)


Both of us will be in a Discord call (voice chat from your end is optional) and I will share my screen with you. There is a 10 minute buffer before recording to make sure everything is working correctly on both ends. Once everything is good to go, you can start asking me whatever you want, and I’ll teach you on the canvas with real time drawing, explanation and/or critique for 60 minutes. I will let you know 10 minutes before the session ends.

Here are some topics I’ll be more than happy to talk to you about:

  • Constructive Critique & Redlining*
  • Bettering Your Work
  • Drawing Animals
  • SFW Anatomy
  • How To Draw From Reference
  • Fighting Stagnation
  • Painting Techniques
  • Drawing + Painting Fur
  • Choosing Colors
  • Growing An Audience/Commission Success
  • Creative Exploration
  • Art as Therapy**
  • Art & Psychology***
  • …Plus much more as I remember what my abilities are, haha!

Feel free to ask me anything related to these topics above, or if you have a fresh idea for a question, don’t be afraid to ask, I’ll be happy to talk to you about it. As long as you come out of these sessions feeling like you’ve learned something, then that’s what truly matters!


I will be using CLIP STUDIO PAINT to perform demonstrations.
(You can use whatever art program you like to draw alongside me)

Our sessions will be held through DISCORD.
I prefer talking with voice so that I can answer your questions quickly & easily without sacrificing your session time with typing. However, if you are uncomfortable with talking voice, you can message your questions+comments in the discord chat & I will respond by reading out your question + answering it so that it’s clear what is being explained in your recorded video.

Our sessions will be recorded so that you can view them later & the link will be sent by email & downloadable through DropBox/Google Drive. (These links may not be permanent, so please save your recordings in a safe place!)


PRICE: 50$ USD for 1 hour session

  • Payment is sent after the session ends.
  • Payments are completed through PayPal invoice.
  • Sessions are held at specific times, you can find schedule openings through announcements on Twitter.

The more folks show interest in these sessions, the more time I can devote to helping even more people with art & hugs. My thanks go out to everyone who help me reach these dreams, my wish is you come out of these sessions feeling better too!


*Please be aware that I will be 100% honest with you. I am not going to tear apart your work, I’m just going to tell you where it can be better. This is advice & like all advice, you’re free to take it or leave it. I will be as soft as I can with you without reserving honesty. If you are extremely sensitive to criticism of any kind, you may want to think instead about asking how to do certain techniques so you can practice in your own way.
**I am not a doctor or therapist, just someone who has lived a hard life, has a deep interest in human psychology/wellbeing & somehow always manages to get back on their two feet, however wobbly. Art has helped me a lot in realizing these strengths within myself, maybe it can help you too? If it’s not your thing, you don’t have to ask.
***See above.