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loves & believes in everyone

falvie dog

AGE: 8 in Fionbri years (about 15 in human years)
GENDER: Female
PERSONALITY: Very happy pupper, always seeing the positive. She hates suffering and impulsively attempts to help alleviate bad situations, which doesn’t always work as intended right away. 
NOTES: Falvie is a life nerd and enjoys exploring her mind as well as others. She is playfully probing, honest & insightful, using her empathy as a guide. She has a very jolly disposition and doesn’t take life as seriously as others due to her lightheartedly optimistic nature.

HISTORY: None yet

Falvie was created July 25th, 2010

“nothing personal, kid.”


King Blue

AGE:  2007
PERSONALITY: No-nonsense to the point of rudeness, he has a laugh-it-off personality that is exasperated by his drunkenness.
NOTES: Damascus is a little too indulgent, getting himself into trouble for his own amusement when he’s bored, being impulsive, seeming emotionally cold/distant, chasing down pleasure to drown out the loss of someone very close to him

HISTORY: Absolutely chaotic. This guy doesn’t seem to catch a break.

wants you to look at the thing he drew for you!

mobi dog

AGE:  Older Child
SPECIES: Fionbri (GASP!)
PERSONALITY: Very innocent and well loved.
NOTES: GOOD LAD. He likes to paint even if he’s not very good at it. He runs a shop too, and does his best to do business with his plump little paws. He’s kinda forgetful, so business sometimes gets caught in the crossfire, but his customers love him anyways. What kind of thing does this little fella draw  that he has actual customers? 

is gonna getcha

Date of Birth:  (2018)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Magic Fox? I’m so sorry. Some sort of vulpine imp. 
Gender: Female
NOTES: Ronen is a trickster of the mind and loves indirectly causing mayhem and mischief, and can usually be found skulking about the neon light districts and surrounding forests. Her laughter is something of a legend to the folks who live in her territory.

She can change her hue slightly to match the neon lights by illuminating her coat with a thin veil of magic-UV something-or-other, but naturally she has a dark red coat.

HISTORY: Unknown

Ronen was created in 2018

the shape-changing wonder lizard

These examples are all I got at the moment, chief. I might be back in 2 years with an updated ref, lol

Date of Birth:  2017
Alignment: Neutral
Species: Glint Lizard
Gender: Male
Notes: Klay has a very laid-back personality, sprinkled with occasional sassiness. He can transform into different animals though he cannot change his horns, teeth or tail too much. They may grow into different shapes but the essence of these characteristics remains. This species cannot change its color.

Klays spends most of his time basking in the sun and lazing about, and only transforms when he is comfortable doing so. His favorite areas are those laden with tall trees and sunlit boulders. When he isn’t spending his time sunbathing, he is an adept climber. 

Klay’s tail changes a lot to suit his environment, but it’s primary stasis is long with spikes adorning the end. These spikes will shift into a streamline shape, for example, if he is climbing through thick brush where his standard shape would get easily get snagged between branches. 

Klay’s transformations are like evolutions that happen within the body.

HISTORY: Klay and others of his species all have white fur as children, and their iridescent plates are covered in a fine brown, gray or black fuzz until it sheds off in adolescence and reveals the beautiful colored plates underneath. 

You can read more about this species (not here, because this is a placeholder. I will write a thing eventually.)

Klay was created in 2017

(that’s not his name, dw)

sprouty boy 2 copy WEB

Date of Birth: June 2019
Alignment: ?
Species: Fox but like… frog colors
Gender: Male
Notes: A proto-Mobi before he became a sparkledog. His coat is seasonal, being white in the winter, deep turquoise in the spring, green in the summer, fade to a brownish-orange in the fall, and back to white again in the winter. The leaf on his head also changes with the seasons, being dormant in winter, budding in spring, blooming in summer, and producing a little berry in autumn. He can eat this berry (or share it) and it does something amazing.

well I mean definitely,
but idk how soon.