The map is socially divided into lands and territories. It is not yet finished, so I apologize for the vagueness.


Territories: Segralia, Adalim, Litas

Land of white sands and purple skies caused by the high concentration of benevolent magic here. This is a resting place for the wise and shamans who are able to talk to metaphysical beings.


Territories: Miosio, Biabayo, Rului

Wild continent, harboring a desert and jungle terrain. Many wild and shamanic beasts live here. Some of the feral animals are also capable of conjuring magic. Some beasts also lay curses on themselves for protection, but most are friendly once they are sure you will not harm them.


Territories: Gitnil, Rilale, Vosilde

Sage lands. Beasts com here to hone their skills in certain specialty locations. Many neutral class critters come here to live as well. Many beast-built buildings reside here. It is heavily civic area compared to the other lands.


Territories: Orim, Morickad, Seresain

Gorgeous turquoise lands inhabited by questionable folk. Though they are respectful of their own land, they attempt to strip other lands of their resources. They are not very welcoming of outsiders, and inhabitants of this land seem distrustful in general.


Maltralatham (Vorolein)
Solrin (Sovina)
Rosrew (Kazilango)
Moribei (Onystibem)